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“Horizontalization” of a commercial space

The office-restructuring of the largest e-commerce company in Latin America.

A two-building massive interior-design project where we wanted to create dynamic offices, flexible to multiple workplaces. The core of the project is a staircase system that is specifically designed to communicate the storeys in what we consider a “democratic way”, promoting creativity and avoiding the classic hierarchical-vertical design.

We named this system “links” and it is a group of oval-shaped tubes distributed among floors as interconnection paths, that replaces the single, classic staircase. Links are more than just conventional ladders, they also work as multi-functional spaces, like coffee points, conference rooms and recreational spots.

mth_ML_View 22_a05.jpg
M E L I  P L A N T A _ 0 8

M E L I P L A N T A _ 0 8

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M E L I  P L A N T A _ 1 0

M E L I P L A N T A _ 1 0

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M E L I  P L A N T A _ 1 1

M E L I P L A N T A _ 1 1